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Release 'Where Do You Find Love'

... or look for 'Where Do You Find Love' of 'The Blue Balladeer' in your favourite streaming service!

We are proud to present our new song! In these times, when some people seem to think violence is the only answer, we release 'The Blue Balladeer'. A song of hope, a hopeful sound. It could not be sung better than by the tender voice of Michelle Hartskeerl, who carries this message into the future. The crying guitar of Cis Kroezen reminds us of what is happening all over the world, and the sounds of Ukranian Polina Faustova's cello are like a warm embrace to comfort us. With the moving playing of our Spanish concert pianist Jordi Castella and the subtle drums of Nicola from Italy we have another wonderful international production on our hands. As usual, we thank Renzo Kloosterman for his masterful mixing and Jaap Kroezen for the magical master engineering. We hope you enjoy listening to the song, as well as watching the beautiful teaser made by Jolt Media, which is an artwork in itself.


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