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Release 'Leave me'

We introduced a new collective with 'Rock This Off' and released 'Leave me' today. It's a song that harkens back to the days of classic rock radio. Dutch guitar virtuoso Cis Kroezen opens the tune on a mellow note as Natalia Nekare from Argentina steps to the mic with a heartbreaking warning for her lover. Well, her beautiful and powerful voice will get through you for sure! We had to search in every corner of the world to find someone who is singing like Natalia.

As it progresses, the track builds to an arena-worthy power ballad, including a shredding anthemic guitar solo.

We have to thank the dutch novelist Rebekka Bremmer so much for her powerful lyrics wich make this a real power ballad! Jaap Kroezen is playing his bass so stunning and had to be thanked again for adding magic to the master. The mix is done by our very talented Renzo Kloosterman who managed to add the power of modern music to this genre. We thanx Jordi Castella from Spain for playing the grand piano like a real orchestral pianist (oh, wait, in fact, he is one...) and Naman Sachdev who did a wonderful job getting some spice out his Indian drums.

You better check it out on Spotify yourself, or search for 'Leave me' (song) from 'Rock This Off' (artist) on your favorite streaming service. And check the little teaser movie below.


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