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'Fool of Glass' release!

Bijgewerkt op: 13 jun. 2023

Fool of Glass is already in a lot of 20k+ liked play lists! To grab a few:

You can stream ‘Fool of Glass’ on your favorite service now!

Yes, we’ve got an international production here. With Liliia Kysil singing with her beautiful voice. She’s from Ukrain. John Zeff from Italy is playing the piano and the cello is played by Polina Faustova, she’s from Ukrain too. I’m glad we have still some dutch guys in our Amsterdam production team with Renzo Kloosterman (Mixing Engineer & Beatmaker) and Jaap Kroezen (Mastering Engineer), and off course we have Cis Kroezen playing the guitar. Carl Ostlund made this nice vid. He's from Sweden. We're proud for all that!


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