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Wij verzorgen de hele keten van het eerste idee & songwriting tot mastering, publishing & marketing


We are quite proud of everyone who contributes to the team, and that is why we introduce them below.

Cis Kroezen


Cis started playing guitar when he was 8 and started at the conservatory in Haarlem at the age of 18, where he graduated in 2019 with a major in pop/session and majoring in guitar. Cis has worked and shared the stage with artists such as Jasper Erkens, Kimberly Fransens, Benjamin, Jacqueline Govaert and Bente. He is a guitarist and songwriter with his band Traudes. In 2018 they debuted with their album 'CRLS&GRLS' on Sony Music. They pushed the boundaries of Hip Hip and (electronic) pop and performed on many major stages, including Concert At Sea, Appelpop, Paaspop, De Melkweg, Noorderslag and Bevrijdingspop Haarlem. Cis provided live performances for Radio 3, Radio 2, Veronica and De Wereld Draait Door and played for All Together Now of RTL 4. He is a very varied artist: Rock, Jazz, Funk, Blues, Hip Hop, Trap Soul... The one Sometimes it is as if Brian May himself has played the solo, other times it seems as if a studio musician from Motown from the 70s has ended up in a time loop.

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Ciz Kroezen

Evelien Graat


Evelien sees it as her life's mission to make music from the hearts of
vulnerable people, specifically children. She has been writing poetry since childhood and she
has been playing the violin since she was five years old. And you can hear that in the productions! Evelyn
studied at the 'Free Music Academy' and started songwriting at the age of 21. If
As a violin teacher, she worked for the 'Leerorkest' in Amsterdam for 7 years. All these
experience is reflected in her position as director at the Sounds For Freedom foundation.

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Amsterdam Olympic Records verzorgt de hele keten van het eerste idee & songwriting tot masterin

Jaap Kroezen


Jaap is certainly the master of the master! Independent music producer and multi
instrumentalist. Forms the Jaike together with Mike van der Meer. Writes, composes and
produces old school reggae music. When Jaap provides the master for a song, it's just like that
as if a magician is at work.

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Renzo Kloosterman

Bass & drum booster, sounds & mix

Bass & drum booster, sounds & mix
Renzo is a composer and music producer who loves to experiment. He also graduated as a music therapist, which means he likes to compose based on certain emotions. In addition, his goal is to take the listener into a unique story, which he sketches using various musical elements. He creates many different types of music, from underground hip hop to contemporary classical music and from house to soundscapes. He is currently studying Music & Technology at the University of the Arts in Utrecht and in his spare time he works as a DJ/Producer under the name Detone, together with a good friend of his. Like no other, he is able to boost the drum & bass section and add a touch of magic to his work as a mixer.

Rebekka Bremmer 

English texts

Rebekka is a Dutch novelist and native English speaker. She writes, teaches, edits, coaches and translates (English-Dutch). She brings order to the writing chaos and guides people and creates a spark in their creativity. She ensures that English pop songs are lyrically indistinguishable from productions from London or New York.

Ontmoet de partners van Amsterdam Olympic Records, Renze Kloosterman, Jaap en Ciz Kroezen : Team
Het Team van Amsterdam Olympic Records, Michiel Mulder, Evelien Graat, Esther Spee en meer toppers

Esther Spee 

Vocal coach

Esther performed her own performance in the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam, but that felt like an afterthought: teaching turned out to be her real passion. She has learned to use her voice better after what seemed like a charming hoarseness turned out to be vocal cords. She decided to leave the stage for what it is and devote herself completely to teaching singing lessons. She continued to learn and developed her own singing method; The Olympic Voice Method.
Esther had her own youth theater school for a number of years (Theaterschool Het Nest) and is the founder and owner of Zangschool Oud Zuid. She worked with participants of various TV programs such as The Voice Kids, coached various singers during CD recordings and was a singing teacher for the musical Billy Elliot.
She now only trains (aspiring) singers who want to make big steps in their vocal capabilities in a short time.

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Bij Amsterdam Olympic Records werken we met Vocal Coach Esther Spee aan muziekproducties
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